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For enquiries on commissions, please mail or DM me personally.
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My zine experience



Zine Experience (in progress)

As a Contributor

Creation Completed
Yottsu no Kisetsu - Page Artist
Toasty - a Bread Zine - Page Artist

In progress!
FE Legendary Treasures - Page Artist
Quiver of Arrows - Page Artist
Original Content Zine

As a Moderator

Fight Another Day - Pinch Formatter
Dreams of Distant Days - Format Mod

In Progress
Danganronpa Girls Day Out - Head Mod, Formatting, Finance and Shipping (Currently in Production)
Leokumi Zine - Pinch Finance Mod (Creation)
Recipe For Despair - Co-Head, Finance (in Creation)
Marignatz Zine - Lead Mod, Art Mod (Before POs)
Death's Final Dance - Lead Mod, Lead Graphics and Format Mod, Finance and Shipping (Apps Phase)
V3 Postgame Zine - Format Mod (Apps Phase)


Illustrations for Personal Use

Prices below are personal use only.

NOT for use on promotional materials where money is potentially involved (such as for Streams, Twitch, merchandising or Youtube). This includes stream schedules, stream announcements and stingers for Twitch/Youtube. These fall under a commercial license and will be priced differently. Please be transparent about use of commissioned art if it is for commercial uses.

Commission TypeBustHalfbodyFullbody
Coloured Sketch$20$30$40
Lineart/Pixel Art + Cel$30$40$60

Above prices are base price.
Add on 75% the base price rounded up per additional character.
Refer to the table below for other add-ons

Add On TypePrice Range
Complex Design/Detail on Character$20-60
Backgrounds depending on Complexity$30-80
Rush Fee (under 2 weeks)$20-50
Rush Fee (under 1 week)$40-100

Live2D models for Streaming and Video Making

Models do NOT come with a design service.

Commission TypeBustHalfbodyFullbody
Lineless + Rendered$70$120$180
Lined + Rendered$100$150$250

Models will come with the cut and ready-to-rig PSD with 3 sticker emotes and live2D runtime files if rigging is added on. Refer to the table below for additional services and fees.

I will not provide my live2D working file for free. Please respect this!

Add On TypePrice Range 
Accessory$20 per accessory 
Additional Expression$10-60 per expression/hand pose 
Alternate Hair$50-150 per hairstyle 
Base Body model$150' 
Alternate Outfits''$100 per pre-designed outfit$200 per outfit designed by me

' Base body model will be needed if you intend to get multiple outfits.
'' Alternate outfits need the base body add-on. Parts of the base body may be hidden in certain outfits, but it is still required to maintain consistency between outfits.

Character Designing for VTubers

Character Design SpecificationsPrice Range
Reference Sheet, 1 Design front and back (inclusive of design service)$100
Extra already designed outfit+$30
Extra outfit designed by me+$50
Detailed Designs'+$50-100

' Detailed designs include but not limited to those with floating pets or assets, or costumes with lace.